Customer Testimonials from Buyers & Sellers Throughout Greensboro, NC & Surrounding Areas

"I recommend to buy and sell silver and gold bullion from this company. I was surprised to know that they offer better prices than pawn shops and other similar companies. Company staff keeps an eye on precious metals market price fluctuations and even foresees market trends. When I turned to them to sell my silver bullion they offered me the best price of all. So, now I know the best place where I can always get a comprehensive information about current state of market and prices on silver and gold." – Essie Collins

"I'm interested in French and English coins of 17-18 centuries. I have already managed to make up quite a worthy collection, but I'm still searching for more examples to make it complete. When I turned to Carolina Silver and Gold they treated me right from the start. I explained them exactly what coins I wanted to purchase. They were not available at that moment, but the manager called me back in a month to inform that another collector wanted to sell the coins I needed and they offered them to me. I was on the seventh heaven. Now my collection is complete!" – Doreen Owens

"Carolina Silver and Gold is one of the best places to sell and buy bullion and old coins of numismatic value. Believe me it's true. You can argue that there is nothing complicated with the purchase of coins today: huge numbers of various online auctions of antique items, specialized online stores and numismatic forums. There are also coin collectors clubs in almost every city, where you can buy, sell and even exchange coins. I tried all of these methods to find what I needed. Sometimes I succeeded, but sometimes failed. I came to the conclusion that I would rather have a deal with Carolina Silver and Gold than with all those amateurs. They are so friendly and always have something to offer for my collection." –Derrick Burton

"The price range for numismatic coins is very broad today. They can cost from a hundred dollars and up to thousands of dollars. In this regard the main task of every collector is to purchase a cherished coin at reasonable price. And it is not always that the price depends on the metal, it largely depends on the condition of the coin. Old coins in excellent condition can cost you many times more than the same coin, but in poor condition. This fact can not be ignored. I have found the place, where I can buy and sell coins to enlarge my collection at a reasonable price. This place is Carolina Silver and Gold. Besides, I'm always sure that the coins aren't fakes and are in excellent condition as the guys are real experts." – A. Schultz
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