Sell Your Valuables

Sell Your Valuables

Sell Your Jewelry, Coins, Sterling Silver, Gold & Silver with Us!

Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC buys United States coins, world coins, bullion-related items, sterling silver, jewelry, and watches. With more than 60 combined years of knowledge regarding coin and jewelry buying, Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC is the dealer to trust if you are selling old or unwanted valuables. Ask us about appraisals and liquidations or make an appointment for a consultation today!

Our experts welcome comparison pricing. We have the advice you’re looking for. Our team offers the best possible prices for gold jewelry, silver and gold coins, and more. Trust us to purchase your gold jewelry, gold coins, and silver at the finest rates in town.

We Gladly Accept & Sell the Following Gold, Bullion & Other Valuables in Greensboro, NC:

 United States Coins
• 90% Silver, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars Pre 1964
• 40% Silver Half Dollars 1965-1970
• War Nickels
• Buffalo Nickels
• V Nickels
• Gold Coins 1795-2015 any condition or size
• USA Collector coins from 1795-2014
• USA Coin Collections
• USA Currency 1776-1957
• USA Proof and Mint Sets-Clad Silver & Gold
• USA Commemorative Coins-Clad Silver & Gold

World Coins
• Clad, Silver & Gold
• World Coin Collections

Bullion Related Items
• Silver Bars or Rounds
• Gold Bars or Rounds
• Platinum Bars or Rounds
• Bullion-related USA & World Coins Silver, Gold & Platinum
• Silver, Gold & Platinum Eagles

Sterling Silver
• Medals, Franklin Mint, US Mint
• Flatware, Bowls, Cups, Trophies

• Silver, Gold & Platinum any condition
• Rings, Chains, Charms, Bracelets, Earrings

• Any Brand That Has Gold Or Silver Content
• Wrist & Pocket Watches

Buy Rare Coins, Cash for Gold, Coin Dealer
Sell Gold, Sell Jewelry, Buy Coins,  Buy Gold,  Buy Jewelry
To sell your valuables with us stop by our shop in Greensboro, NC or call our store today!
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