Sell Your Coins

Sell Your Coins

We Buy and Sell Coins & Rare Coins in Greensboro, NC 

Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC will buy  any gold, silver, copper or platinum  coins from one to a whole collection. If you have coins or currency to sell to us, bring them to our Greensboro store.  We will determine the current value of your collection. It will be up to you then whether or not you want to keep the coins or make a deal with us. You can trust that we always have your best interests in mind and will give you the most for your coin collection. All offers are based on current market values, as we are active market participants in coin shows and auctions, we know the market!
We will purchase all U.S. and Foreign Currency, or World Coins  If you have old coins, don’t discard them, without have us look them over.  They may be worth plenty of money, especially if they come from overseas. We also purchase bullion, gold, silver or platinum bars, and much more. 
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Bring your coin collection in for an appraisal or buy more rare coins!

We have purchased million dollar coin collections recently. We have even traveled to meet customers to buy their collections. Don’t think that your collection is worthless, have it appraised at Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC. We have different levels of Appraisals, call us to discuss you needs and fees that appraisals entail.

Sellers can also send their coins to us through registered mail. We will pay for the insurance and can explain the exact packaging and shipping instructions. We will pay for your shipping expenses and the full value of your collection. If you’d like to contact us to ask about your collection, call (336) 265-1810. 
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