Estate Services

Estate Services

Our Estate Services in Greensboro, NC 

Since we are experts at providing detailed appraisals, we have come to specialize in estate settlements and liquidations. At Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC, we handle requests from heirs, trustees, and attorneys. If there’s an estate than needs to be evaluated, Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC can help out and do the job right. 

The reason you can trust Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC for estate services is that we are non-biased professionals who can provide an honest evaluation of an estate without having any sort of hidden agenda. Many families who have recently lost loved ones come to us to evaluate their coin and currency collections. We are happy to provide them with this helpful information.
Estate Services Greensboro, NC

Ensure the value of your estate

Our clients can help ensure the value of a coin or currency collection by following a few simple tips. We advise our clients not to clean or polish old coins, nor to tape or glue paper currency that may be ripped or torn. Originality is crucial to the value of currency. Coins that show the effects of aging will have more value than those that have been cleaned. This is also a way to damage these old coins. 

Feel free to ask us for a written, detailed appraisal of your estate. We can help you document your liquidation. Trust us for a superior level of expertise and service.

Stop by or call our store in Greensboro, NC for more information on our estate services today!
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