Buying Silver & Gold

Buying Silver & Gold

Buy Gold & Buy Silver in Greensboro, NC

Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC will pay cash for old and unwanted gold and silver. We accept old, used, and unwanted gold jewelry like gold chains (up to $1,000), gold rings (up to $300), gold earrings, gold pins, gold watches, platinum rings, and even dental gold. We also buy old and unwanted sterling silver. In fact, we pay up to $13 an ounce for sterling silver.
buy gold & silver, Greensboro, NC
Sell Sterling Silver & Silver Jewelry Greensboro, NC

We buy silver, jewelry, coins and more! Stop by the store today!

Sterling Silver Items We Current Buy:
• Flatware
• Serving Sets
• Tea Sets
• Trophies
• Silver Watches
• Silver Jewelry

As One of the Leading Coin Dealers in Greensboro we'll buy your coins for top dollar!

We also pay top price for gold and silver coins. We pay up to $1,275 for each 1 ounce coin of Gold Eagles and Kruggerands. We also buy $20 St. Gaudens and Liberty coins, starting at $1,200, and Indian Head Liberty gold coins. We pay up to $13 per $1 for 90% silver coins, including dimes, quarters, and half dollars that were minted before 1965. When referring to silver dollars created before 1935, we pay up to $17 each. If you have 1 ounce Silver Eagles to sell, we pay up to $22 per $1. You can also sell us 40% Chad Half Dollars (1965-1969), as we pay up to $4 per $1. Silver War Nickels (1942-1945) with P-D-S Mint Mark will fetch up to 60 cents each.

Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC will also buy silver bars and 1 ounce silver bullion. We pay up to $22 per ounce for silver bullion and 1 to 100 ounce silver bars. We also pay up to $1,600 for platinum maple leaf, bars, and rounds, and eagle silver.

Buy gold and buy sliver from one of the leading gold and silver stores in Greensboro, NC at Carolina Silver & Gold LLC. Stop by or call our store today!
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