Appraisal Services

Appraisal Services

Our Appraisal Services in Greensboro, NC 

Not only can Carolina Silver & Gold, LLC buy rare coins, jewelry or currency, we also provide appraisal service for your entire collection for tax and insurance purposes. We’d be happy to talk to you about your collection and discuss the current gold and silver market.

You can set an appointment with us for an individual coin appraisal. We work on an hourly rate. We will find the full value of your coin, currency or jewelry. We provide full written appraisal services to all our customers. You always get full value from us. You’ll leave with an understanding of the value of your coins, currency or jewelry. 
Appraisal Services Greensboro, NC

Sell Us Your Collection of Coins, Sterling Silver, Jewelry & More! 

Many of our customers agree that we pay more than other dealers for your collection. Fees for our appraisal services are fully refundable to ensure our customers are treated fairly and get the most value. You can also ask us about our 15-minute evaluation for a quick look at what you have to offer. You can bring your coins and jewelry in and have an answer in no time.

Contact Us for the Most Efficient Appraisal Services!

When you are looking for appraisal services in Greensboro, NC, call the professionals at Carolina Silver & Gold LLC. Our professionals will look at your collection and can buy sterling silver, gold jewelry, bullion and much more. If you’d like an appraisal from us first, to determine the value of your items, stop in and see us at 1700 Stanley Road in Greensboro, NC or call us at (336) 265-1810.
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